Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”)

1. Acceptance of these Terms

1.1. Welcome to our website dedicated to online sales exclusively to legal entity clients and for promotion of the Stockday® trademark. These Terms and Conditions, along with the Confidentiality Policy and Cookie Modules, available in the section Cookie Modules and Confidentiality Policy, shall govern the manner in which you use website (the “website”).

2. Data on the company holding the website and operating the online store The online store hosted by the website is held by S.C. Stockday SRL, with its headquarters in Str. Tipografilor 11-15, building A2-L, 4th floor, room 1, sector 1, Bucharest 013714 Romania, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/6385/2017, Sole Registration Code RO 37512786, Subscribed and paid in share capital RON 50,000.- (the “Company”).

The Company is part of HEINEKEN Group, its main shareholder being the company HEINEKEN Romania S.A.. The online store is operated in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which are supplemented with the applicable legal provisions.

These Terms shall apply to all visits made on this website and to all modalities of using such website belonging to the Company, as well as to all information, recommendations and/or services which are provided to you on this website or through this website (the “Information”). By using this website you agree to the applicability of these Terms.

Please note that these Terms may be amended from time to time. Such amendments shall be applicable immediately after publication of the amended Terms and Conditions. The users of the website are advised to periodically read this policy, in order to see any possible amendments.

3. Definitions of some terms used ”Seller”/ “Company” – S.C. Stockday SRL, located at Str. Tipografilor 11-15, building A2-L, 4th floor, room 1, sector 1, Bucharest 013714 Romania, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/6385/2017, Sole Registration Code RO 37512786, Subscribed and paid in share capital RON 50,000.-; ”Client” - an established and legally operating legal entity (in relation to cookies, they are associated to a browser which is used by a natural person), which accesses, holds an Account, makes an Order and, consequently, acts as a purchaser and concludes the Sale Contract in electronic form for the products forming the object of the sale through the website (i.e. online store). ”Order” - an electronic document through which the Client expresses to the Seller its firm intention to purchase the selected products. ”Account” - A section in the website which implies a valid e-mail address and a password belonging to the Client, which allow it to place the Order.

The Account contains the Client’s company details. Upon creating its Account, the Client expressly agrees to the processing of its personal data. “Sale Contract” - A contract in electronic form remotely concluded between the Seller and the Client, having as its object the Products presented in the Order and, as the case may be, subsequently confirmed by e-mail by the Seller, for the Price applicable to the Products indicated on the Website and, as the case may be, subsequently confirmed by e-mail by the Seller, paid by the Client according to the specifications of these Terms. ”Logistic operator/Transporter” - the company specialized in the delivery of goods, selected by the Seller. ”Newsletter” - means of information periodically transmitted by the Seller electronically (by e-mail, sms etc.) with regard to the Products and/or promotions/commercial campaigns of the Seller in a certain period, without containing or representing any commitment of the Seller to the Client. ”Products” – beer and cider manufactured or imported by Heineken Romania SA, with its registered headquarters in Bucharest, str. Tipografilor no. 11-15, Building A2-L, 4th floor, sector 1, registered with the Trade Registry Office under no. J40/12235/2002, Sole Registration Code RO 13240781, presented on the website, in respect of which the Client placed an order subsequently accepted by the Seller. “User” - any person accessing the website, even if it does not place an Order;

4. Online Sale Policy The online store is exclusively intended for legal entities with their main or secondary headquarters in Romania, which request the delivery of the Products in commercial locations situated in Romania, for their retail trade to the consumers / their clients. The Seller reserves the unilateral right to accept the content of the Orders, confirming in full or in part the range of products and quantity of each of them, to select the Products available for sale, to add or remove certain Products, to conduct, extend or terminate at any time certain advertising campaigns, as well as to make any modification in respect of the Products’ price.

The access to the website and/or online store may be restricted for certain users or clients, if the Company considers that it has justified reasons to consider that it is prejudiced by the activity/conduct of the respective User/Client or that these Terms are infringed, that a fraud is being committed or that the applicable law is breached. The User/Client whose access on the Website, respectively to the Online Store was thus restricted may send a request to the e-mail address presented in the “Contact” section, in order to be informed of the reasons for such restriction.

5. Order Placement Creating an Account. For the User to be able to place an Order, the User has to sign up and create an Account, secured with a password, providing a valid e-mail address, a telephone number and by filling in all the other requested details (company name, address of the registered headquarters, registration number, sole registration code (VAT payer code), bank account, etc.).

Selection of the Products. After selecting each Product wanted, the Client shall have to select the option “Add to cart”, after which the Product is automatically added to the “Cart” whose icon is visible in the upper right side of the webpage. The Client may at any time verify the Shopping Cart by clicking on the “Cart” icon which opens a separate window showing all the Products selected by the Client until that moment. By selecting the option “Go to Cart”, a page will be opened where the Client has to enter all the data for the conclusion of the transaction and delivery of the Products by selecting both the delivery place and the payment modality. The Order is completed by clicking on the “Place Order” icon.

If the Client opted for another payment modality than payment in cash upon reception of the Order delivery or payment on term, it shall have to make the payment of the Products included in the Order by entering the requested information, immediately after the Order is finalized and placed, otherwise the Order shall not be considered compliant and shall not be processed, and the Client shall have to resume the procedure.

If the payment is made on term, established by the Seller, according to the modality determined by the history of orders and conditions agreed by the Seller, the Client shall make the payment on the term thus established. Modifying / giving up an order before payment. In any stage of the order placement, before making the payment, the Client may modify and/or give up an order. An order which was abandoned shall not be processed and shall not give raise to any kind of obligations for the Seller or for the Client User.

Cancellation of an order.

Exceptionally, if the Client wants it, it may cancel an order by contacting the support team using the contact details displayed on the website. The cancellation of the Order shall be confirmed by the Seller by e-mail. An Order thus cancelled shall not give raise to any obligation for the Seller as long as the price and delivery fees were not collected by such. If the price/delivery fees were collected, they shall be returned to the Client within maximum 14 (fourteen) days from confirmation of the cancellation of the Order.

6. Procedure for confirmation of the order After the order is completed and placed, the Client shall receive at the e-mail address provided upon registration, a message confirming that the order was received, both in respect of the range of products and their quantity. The confirmation shall include a list of the Products (their quantity and range/SKU), the price and payment modality, as well as the place and modality. Until the confirmation of the order, the Seller shall not have any delivery obligation to the Client.

Although the Seller permanently makes sure that all the products on the website, marked as such, are available, there may be exceptional situations (for instance, in the case of simultaneous orders; in the case of technical malfunctions in the administration of the online store, of restrictions or limitations of availability of the production/delivery on the part of the manufacturer etc.) in which a Product is actually unavailable, and, consequently, the order may not be accepted. Whenever an order may not be accepted, irrespective of the reasons, the Client shall be informed as soon as possible.

7. Price of the Products The price is established for each individual Product. The price shown includes VAT (the rate provided by the laws in force). The price displayed in the completed and placed order, as subsequently confirmed by an e-mail for confirmation of the order, is the firm price that the Client has the obligation to pay for the ordered Products. The price shown in the completed, placed and confirmed order shall not change, regardless of whether, after that moment, the Seller conducts promotional campaigns regarding the same Products resulting in the modification of the price or whether it modifies their price.

8. Invoicing and payment Based on the data provided upon signing up for the Account, the Seller shall issue to the Client an invoice in pdf. format, which may be found in the Client’s account and may be downloaded by it directly from the section “My Invoices”. Also, the invoice shall be printed by the Logistic Operator/Transporter upon delivery and a counterpart thereof, signed for receipt by the Client, shall be returned by the Client to the Logistic Operator/Transporter. The Client declares that it understands and accepts this modality for transmission of the invoices.

The payment may be made exclusively in the modalities indicated in the procedure for performance of the order, namely: (i) In cash, upon delivery of the Order or on the payment term. Payment shall be made to the representative of the Logistic Operator/Transporter upon receipt of the ordered Products or on the maturity date, respectively. It is recommendable (but not mandatory) that you have the exact amount of cash. (ii) Bank transfer (Payment order); (iii) Payment by card using the PayU services. In the case of payment by card, the Client’s card/account shall be debited only after the order was completed and placed. For the Client’s safety, all transactions are secured.

When the transaction by card is approved, the amount to be paid is immediately blocked on the card/in the account and shall be debited from the Client’s account when the Seller delivers the Order to the Client. If, irrespective of the reasons, the transaction by card/by using the PayU services fails /is not performed, the Client’s Order is automatically cancelled, and the Seller shall have no further obligation to the Client. In this case, the Client shall have to resume the order procedure and provide a valid payment means, from among those accepted, included in the order procedure, namely: (i) Bank transfer (Payment order); or (ii) Cash.

In all the cases in which the payment is made online, the bank fees of any nature are incumbent upon the Client and are not included in the Price / or in the delivery fees. For information regarding such fees, the Client may previously inquire with the bank which issued the payment instrument/which provides the banking service. In the case of pay by click and/or pay on time payment, the Client shall have to give its express agreement for storage of its personal data, before the Client starts the initiation of the payment.

Also, the Seller shall inform the Client of the fact that its card data shall not be stored by the Seller or by PayU, but only by the institution authorising the transaction. When the Client chooses the payment modality pay by click (we don’t currently have these payment options), it is advised not to remain logged on the websites from which it purchases products/services on a regular basis or not to set the option of automatic login on mobile devices, such as, including, but not limited to, laptop, tablet, mobile telephone.

The Seller undertakes not to debit any card of a Client without its express agreement, an agreement expressed by activation by the Client of the payment method pay on time (we don’t currently have these payment options). Also, the Seller informs the Client that automatic debiting from the Client’s card shall be made only upon the issuance of a new invoice, and it shall only debit the Client at the time when a new invoice is issued and sent to the Client. The Client has the possibility to set the maximum financial ceiling which may be used for the payments through pay on time method.

Also, the Seller undertakes to send to the Client a debit notice, at least 2 (two) business days before the effective transaction date. If the pay on time transaction failed, the Client shall be notified of such and shall be informed of the next term when the transaction will be performed. In case of delay of the payment exceeding the agreed terms, the Seller may request from the Client penalties of 0.1% per each day of delay, calculated at the value of the unpaid amounts. Information on the performance of a payment shall be requested from the Client by the Seller / PayU only in exceptional cases. Or when problems regarding an Order launched by the Client appear. When we request personal data by e-mail from the Client, we always request the Client to contact us by telephone before providing such or to write to us using the details indicated in the Contact section.

When the Client receives a message whereby the Seller (apparently) requests it to provide specific personal data using a link, the Client shall not answer, shall not comply with the request, shall not click on the link and shall immediately delete the respective e-mail because it is a possible phishing e-mail with the purpose of identity theft and/or infecting the computer with a virus/other cybernetic attack.

9. Delivery The delivery of the Products ordered on this website shall be exclusive made on the territory of Romania. The delivery shall be made through a third party selected by the Seller at its free discretion. After you have received the confirmation of the Order by e-mail, it shall be sent by us to the Logistic Operator / Transporter and shall be delivered to you by such within an estimated period of maximum 48 hours from the confirmation of the Order, in compliance with the working hours, days of weekly rest and legal holidays.

If, for whatever reasons, the delivery term mentioned above may not be complied with, you shall be contacted by e-mail and informed on the effective delivery term. Upon receipt of the Order, you shall sign the invoice and the receipt (in the case of payment in cash upon delivery.)

10. Time of conclusion of the sale. Transfer of ownership and of the risk The sale-purchase contract is considered concluded only when the Client receives the Order and signs for its receipt. The information existing on the website does not represent a precontract or another undertaking to the Client. The transfer of the ownership and of the risks over the Products occurs at the time of their delivery to the Client.

11. Return policy. Non-conformities The products shall be returned exclusively for reasons of hidden defects or for reasons of depreciation of the Products because of the Seller’s fault, such Products being improper for consumption. If changes of the micro-biological features of the Products are found, making them improper for consumption or for the safety/health of the consumers, these Products shall be stopped by the Client from trading and shall be immediately notified to the Seller, which shall transmit them to the manufacturer for investigation.

The trade by the Client of the Products which are depreciated or whose validity term expired is expressly prohibited, such being directly responsible therefor. If the Client becomes aware, in any manner, inclusively upon notice from the Seller, of the existence on the market of any Products which are in any respect different from the HEINEKEN Specifications or Standards (“non-compliant beer/cider”), it shall immediately notify the Seller therefor (indicating the lot, manufacturing date, aspect of the product established, quantity of products, as well as any other information requested by the Seller.

In the conditions above, the Client, of its own initiative and without requesting or receiving any instruction from the Seller, shall: (i) keep in its storage spaces and shall prevent the sale of any quantity of non-compliant Products until the receipt of instructions from the Seller; (ii) use its best efforts in order to collect such non-compliant Products which have already been sold to its clients; (iii) shall neutralize such non-compliant Products only in the modality established by the Seller, by a written note;

12. Reusable packaging of the Products. Guarantee system The reusable packaging shall circulate between the parties under a guarantee system (deposit system). The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally modify the value of the guarantee for the Reusable packaging for each type of such packaging. The new values of the guarantees shall stand good upon the Clients usually from the date of their display on the Website, or from a subsequent date established by the Seller and specified in the announcement.

The guarantee value for the Reusable packaging shall not bear interest and does not include the VAT, since it is not a base for the application of this tax. The guarantee value shall be credited by the Seller up to a maximum value unilaterally established by the Seller. If such maximum value is exceeded, then the client shall be blocked for delivery, until the moment when, by return of the package, the value balance of the packaging shall be reduced below the maximum value established. Upon delivery of the Products in the reusable packages, the value of the guarantee for the Reusable packaging shall be communicated to the Client through the notice accompanying the goods drawn up simultaneously with the invoice issued for these Products.

The provisions of this section shall be supplemented with the provisions contained in the “Reusable Packaging Policy”. The reusable packaging (primary, secondary or tertiary) accompanying the Products is the exclusive property of S.C. Heineken Romania S.A.. The reusable packaging is an accessory to the Products and circulates between the parties according to the principle of guarantee (deposit system).

Neither the Client nor the Seller nor any other third party acquires any right of disposition over such reusable packaging under this contract or under any other acts requested by the special legal provisions for this type of trade. The Client shall immediately return to the Seller the entire quantity of reusable package resulting from the previous deliveries existing in its possession. For the quantity of reusable package which is not returned within the term indicated by the Seller or within a term of maximum 30 days from notification, the Seller may invoice such package to the Client at the guarantee value valid at the invoicing time, plus VAT.

The Client shall not use under any form the reusable package of Heineken Romania SA except for transportation, storage and trade of the Products, without the possibility to give it another destination. It shall have the obligation to be diligent in respect of the reusable package, from the moment when it is taken over until its return, being materially liable for the facts of its agents (employees, representative or collaborators assimilated to the employees), as well as for the facts of the third parties, behaving with the care of a good owner.

The seller shall not accept the return of reusable packaging for Products consisting in dirty bottles, bottles contaminated with chemical or toxic substances, with oil products or other oils, broken or chippy, packaging considered improper for bottling and reuse, other primary, secondary or tertiary reusable packaging, which is deteriorated, contaminated or belonging to other producers.

13. Liability In the case of intentional infringement or of infringement caused by serious negligence of the Terms and/or of the Contract, the Seller shall be liable for the losses which are a reasonably direct and predictable consequence of this infringement. In any case, the liability to the Client for any loss or damage which may occur in relation to an Order is limited to the total value of the respective Order.

The Seller shall not be considered liable for the damages arising as a result of the use of electronic means of communication and payment, including, but not limited to, damages arising further to the non-delivery or delayed delivery of electronic communications, interception or handling of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and transmission of viruses. Also, the Seller shall not be liable for phishing e-mails or for links which may appear at a certain moment on the Website.

The User/Client is liable for maintaining confidentiality of its Account data (username / e-mail and password), for management of Account accessing and for the activity performed through the Account, as well as for browsing on the Website and the partners’ links. Also, the User/Client bears exclusive liability for the genuineness/accuracy/integrity of any and all data provided to the Seller and for any damage caused to such by failure to comply with these Terms and/or with the Contract.

14. Seller’s obligations by accepting the order. The Seller shall use its best efforts to deliver to the Client, by its care, in time and at the place indicated by the Client, all the Products, compliant in terms of quantity and quality, as per the orders received, in accordance with the Client’s working hours and taking into account any potential traffic and staying restrictions applicable for transportation or determined by the access to the delivery/unloading area. The Seller shall use its best efforts to duly and timely comply with the Client’s orders.

However, the Seller reserves the right to suspend, in full or in part, the deliveries of Products whenever: (i) significant changes occur in respect of the financial, economic or legal status which increase the Seller’s commercial risks; (ii) it faces technical and/or technological or logistic difficulties, which affect or may reasonably affect the quantity and/or range of Products, without being in the situation of a force majeure event, but which render it impossible, difficult or onerous.

The Seller warrants to the Client that the delivered Products are compliant in terms of quality, corresponding to the indicators/characteristics recorded/declared on their label/packaging, with the Client observing the Manufacturer’s recommendations regarding storage conditions.

The Seller shall pursue in principle, when possible, that the Products sold to the Client are within a validity term which is not lower than 2/3 of the initial duration of the validity term.

15. Client’s obligations regarding environmental protection arising from the trade of the Products The Client shall comply with the legal provisions provided by the environmental rules and shall implement in the spaces used by it a system for collection of packaging waste generated in the activities conducted by it, per type of material – PET, aluminium, plastic, metal, wood, paper/cardboard (selective collection of packaging waste) and shall deliver these quantities to HEINEKEN or to a HEINEKEN partner authorized for collection of non-hazardous waste for their recycling/capitalization.

This is a form of its own responsibility to the environment and support to the general commitments undertaken by Heineken Romania SA for keeping the production and trade with beer and cider as a sustainable activity in Romania. In its relationship with the Seller, the Client shall comply with the provisions of the Code of Business Conduct of HEINEKEN, available on

The Client declares that it holds all endorsements, permits, authorizations and operation licenses for the activities conducted and use of the spaces serving such activities, as well as for sale of alcoholic drinks, according to the applicable legislation in force, that they are valid upon the signing date of this contract, undertaking to maintain them valid and in force accordingly.

16. Intellectual property The Website and the entire content, all its characteristics and functionalities (including, but not limited to, all information, software, texts, displayed elements, images, video and audio elements, as well as the design, selection and arrangement thereof) represent the Company’s property and are protected by laws on copyright, trademarks, patents, business secrets and other laws on intellectual property or property rights.

You may use the website only for purposes compliant with these Terms. You shall not use any part of the content of our website for other purposes without obtaining a licence from the Company, in writing.

17. Promotion of the Products For the promotion of the Products, the Company may send a Newsletter to the User/Client directly or through its partners, ensuring/complying with the legislation on the processing of personal data. Upon creation of the Account, the User/Client may give its consent to receive the Newsletter regarding the promotions and loyalty campaigns. See in this respect the “Confidentiality Policy” The User/Client may at any time withdraw its initial consent, inclusively by using the link existing in the Newsletter, by sending an e-mail or by telephone, using the data mentioned in the Contact section of the Website.

18. Force majeure. Fortuitous event Neither party shall be liable for the non-fulfilment of its obligations under the Contract or provided in these Terms and Conditions if such non-fulfilment on term/and or accordingly is caused, in full or in part, by a force majeure event or by a fortuitous event. A force majeure event is an outside, unpredictable, absolutely invincible and unavoidable event.

A fortuitous event is an event which may not be foreseen or prevented. If, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its occurrence, the force majeure event or the fortuitous event does not cease, either party shall have the right to notify the other party of the termination as of full right of the Contract, and neither party may claim damages from the other party.

19. Governing Law. Jurisdiction These Terms and Conditions, as well as the Contract shall be subject to the Romanian law. In case of disputes, they shall be settled by the competent court of law at the headquarters of the Seller, the User/Client expressing its agreement in respect of this selection of the competence.

20. Information and liability The information is presented exclusively for general information purposes and does not represent advice. The Company shall not be considered liable for any potential damages arising further to the use (or impossibility to use) this website, including the accuracy or incomplete nature of such Information, unless such damages are the result of any intentional inappropriate behaviour or serious negligence of the Company.

The Company shall not be liable for any damage arising from the fact that this website or the Information is not adequate, is not updated or accurate. Also, the Company shall not be considered liable for the prejudices arising as a result of the use of electronic means of communication, including, but not limited to, damages arising further to the non-delivery or delayed delivery of electronic communications, interception or handling of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and transmission of viruses.

The information coming from third parties represent the expression of the personal opinions of the respective third parties. The Company is not responsible and is not liable for such Information. The hyperlinks on this website may direct the visitors to external websites, maintained by third parties. The Company shall not be liable for the content and operation of these external websites. Also, the Company shall not be liable for the quality of the products or services which may be offered on these external websites.

21. Indemnifications You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its affiliated companies, as well as its officers, managers, employees, contractors, agencies, licensing authorities, suppliers, our successors and attorneys-in-fact and those of the respective companies from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, decisions, awards, losses, costs, expenses or fees (including reasonable fees paid to the attorneys) arising as a result of your breach of these Terms.

22. Miscellaneous Each of the paragraphs of these Terms operates separately. If, for whatever reason, any clause of these Terms and Conditions proves to be null, inapplicable or invalid, it shall be replaced by a valid clause whose meaning is as close as possible to the initial clause. These Terms are governed by the laws of Romania.

Any dispute or claim arising as a result of or in relation to the use of the Website shall be settled by the courts of Bucharest, Romania. The invalidity/unenforceability of a clause/provision of these Terms and Conditions and/or Contract shall not affect the validity/applicability of the other clauses/provisions, which shall continue to apply without any modification.

23. Contact Please send an e-mail to the address if you have any question regarding any aspect contained in these Terms and Conditions.

Confidentiality Policy and Cookies

1. Confidentiality policy regarding the personal data protection Personal data collected by Stockday SRL shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001, for the persons’ protection in respect of processing of personal data and free circulation of such data and Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and protection of private life in the sector of electronic communications. The protection of your personal data during processing is a major concern for Stockday SRL.

We want to offer you a safe experience ensuring the security and confidentiality of your personal data. The personal data provided (name, first name, e-mail) are processed only in order to improve the products/services offered to the clients through the suggestions/questions from them. Your personal data are intended to be used by the Company and are processed by the specialized company which shall act as attorney-in-fact of HEINEKEN, within the meaning given to this term by the provisions of Law no. 677/2001.

The attorney-in-fact shall collect, organize, store and use your personal data only for the performance of the commercial actions initiated by the parties and where the Company has the capacity as seller and the client has the capacity as purchaser, for notifying the Company in respect of wording the response messages to the recommendations/opinions/suggestions received from the purchaser clients, for transmission of periodical or occasional commercial offers, of the marketing communications. According to Law no. 677/2001, you benefit from the right of access, right of intervention on the data, the right of not being subject to an individual decision and the right to resort to court.

Also, you have the right to oppose to the processing of the personal data concerning you and to request that the data are deleted. In order to exercise these rights, you may address a written request, bearing date and signature, to Stockday SRL, Str. Tipografilor no. 11-15, 4th floor, room 1, building A2-L 013714, Bucharest, or by e-mail at the address

Within 15 calendar days from the receipt of the written request, Stockday SRL undertakes: (a) to confirm whether it processes or not your personal data, free of charge, for one request per year; (b) to rectify, update, block, delete or turn into anonymous data, free of charge, the data whose processing is not compliant with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001, on the persons’ protection in respect of processing of personal data and free circulation of such data; (c) to cease, free of charge, the processing of the applicant’s personal data.

2. Policy on cookie modules This website (the “website”) is provided by Stockday SRL (the “Company”). After you send the form confirming the age limit and you enter the website, it shall use the so-called “cookie modules”. The cookie modules are small text files that the website stores on your computer. What are the cookies? A HTTP cookie or a cookie module is a special text, often encoded, sent by a server to a web browser and afterwards sent back (unmodified) by the browser, each time when it accesses that server.

The cookies are used for authentication, as well as for monitoring the users’ behaviour; typical applications consist in retaining the users’ preferences and implementing the “cart” system. Cookies used on the website The website uses only the following cookie modules and only for the following purposes: (i) Functional cookie modules: the cookie modules used for improving orientation to the user of the website for visitors.

For instance, a cookie module is stored in order to retain certain browsing preferences of the user. Without this cookie module, you would have to add the products again in your shopping cart at each change of page. The functional cookie modules of the website which are stored by the company Stockday SRL on your computer remain valid only during your session on the website. (ii) Analysis cookie modules: Stockday SRL uses Google Analytics cookie modules in order to analyse the manner in which the visitors use the website.

Thus, Stockday SRL may bring improvements to the modality of using the website. Google processes the data obtained through the website only in anonymous format. Visit for further information on Google Analytics.

3. Change of settings By changing the settings in the web browser you may establish to be notified if any cookie module is stored on your computer. By changing the settings, you may also establish that your browser does not accept cookie modules from this website.

4. Cookie classification:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies
  2. Cookie Name
  3. Cookie Type
  4. Expiry Date
  5. Category
  6. Type of use
  7. Performance cookie
  8. Cookie Name
  9. Cookie Type
  10. Expiry Date
  11. Category Type of use
  12. Cookie regarding functionality
  13. Cookie Name
  14. Cookie Type Expiry Date
  15. Category
  16. Type of use
  17. Direction cookie

Cookies placed by third parties [to be filled in]

Deletion of cookies

You may browse the web more easily with the help of cookies, which are files created by the accessed websites and of the cache memory of the browser, which increases the speed of page loading.

Emptying the cache memory and deleting the cookies means deleting the settings for the websites (such as the user names and the passwords), for which reason it is possible that some websites are loaded more slowly because all the images have to be loaded again. Please consult and follow the instructions offered by your browser for deleting the cookies.

Additional information For further information on cookies you may access Contact If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the use of cookies on this website, please contact us at  

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  • Drink a glass of water. If you drink a glass of water while you drink alcohol and before going to sleep, this will help keep you hydrated, and drinking will become a more pleasant experience.
  • Know your limits. There are indications intended for helping you protect your health: 3 - 4 units for men and 2 - 3 units for women.
  • Please remember that one drink does not always means a unit, so it is a good idea to choose a smaller bottle or glass. Make a plan Avoid useless exposure to risks of other person by planning in advance how you will go home.
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